We help business leaders save hundreds of thousands of dollars in manual labor with automation

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We develop custom data platforms for growth

Every day, we innovate with our clients, developing solutions that minimize errors, enable data insights, reduce turnaround times, connect people, increase revenue, lower costs and many other benefits we focus on in every project we take.

Data drives value and growth

Data and analytics in business are mostly important to driving operational excellence and fostering better customer relations.

Innovative organizations use data insights to go a step further and reingeneer their strategies, or even find new and creative business models, schools can provide better services to parents and students, healthcare professionals can find cures to new diseases, and companies can unlock new sources of value for their customers.

This is how we can help you

If you’re looking to become a data-driven organization, Rocketwire isn’t just the perfect partner to help you build a solid data environment. We will help you build a business model based on data and provide tracks for continuous optimization.

Why choose Rocketwire?

Our approach inspires companies to set up a successful strategic roadmap:

Our Services

Cloud-based portals and dashboards

We deliver cloud-based self service portals for internal process and communications. These portals help define user roles and track changes across your business' workflows.

We help businesses find value in data based insights.

Legacy platform modernization

If your software no longer reflects your business processes, causes more pain than it relieves or creates siloes within your company, we may replace it with a custom cloud platform.

Process reingeneering & automation

We revolutionize your processes – driven by pen and paper, spreadsheets or old software. Turned into a centralized system that enables growth.

Strategy and Project Lifecycle

We develop bespoke software products that digitize and automate your business processes.


We map opportunities through to use Cases/User Story Sessions - Our team can help you identify what are the key features your solutions requires. We can also help you model the benefits to existing software products.


Key to our process is understanding your user needs so that we can design services that thrive. We set your software solution up for success with our UX methodology for building valuable, desirable products.


We have a deep understanding of the technological landscape and can assist you in selecting the right stack for your use case. We offer either full implementation and management services or assist your development team to deliver their own services.


Technical optimization, is key to evolving an efficient software solution. We provide ongoing support and monitoring for live services, as well as ongoing training to your internal teams

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Business Cases

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